Placement in Berlin

the possibilities

free posting

On the one hand, there is free posting (or wild posting), in which either streets or neighborhoods or the city center in general are precisely pasted.
In free posting, the areas are used equally by all posterers. In this respect it can happen that a poster sticks for 3 days without any damage or that a poster only hangs 5 ​​hours before it is over-posterized (therefore our employees are on the streets every day). This option (calculated per poster) is quite cheap.
The advantage of this variant is clearly the flexibility, since you can very precisely determine the catchment area and the period.

to the price list

rented areas

On the other hand, there is posting on rented areas, where you usually subscribe to a complete network and therefore have hardly any choice of locations. This option (calculated per poster) is the more expensive one.
The advantage of this variant is clearly the duration of the hanging, since your poster (apart from vandalism) is guaranteed to be visible at all times for the entire booked period.

indoor posting

In order to achieve a presence not only on the street but also out-of-home in general, we also offer you to place your posters indoors in bars, shops and locations with a lot of public traffic. Of course, this happens with the consent of the operator. You can get a list of the current locations without obligation on request.